Perros Libre

(JAZZ) - Mike Lefebvre and "Perros Libres" have been together since mid 2003, developing their own blend of Latin Instrumental Jazz combined with World Beat songs from Celtic roots, French Canadian and Cajun flavors to African Rhythms and lyrics … Their Music has gained many fans in all walks of life and has allowed them to play a wide variety of venues and events as suggested buy the following list of gigs played in the last few years. If you haven’t heard our music please give it a listen you may discover a sound that does to your soul what a fine wine does to a good meal… Mike Levebvre & Perros Libres Special Events & Festivals Bear Mountain Golf Club Langford BC. New Year’s Eve Party 2004 & 2005 Long Beach Lodge Tofino BC Private Functions 2003, 2004 Mount Washington Alpine Resort Courtenay BC. 3 of the Sunday Open Market summer & fall 2003 Brentwood ... more...

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Perros LibreJam Part 7
Perros LibreJam Part 6
Perros LibreJam Part 5
Perros LibreJam Part 4
Perros LibreJam Part 3
Perros LibreJam Part 2
Perros LibreJam Part 1